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Steel: Beautifully Strong

Megawall designs and builds the most reliable wall and floor retail displays--ensuring your product and profits shine

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Aluminum: Shining Brightly

Create the cleanest backdrop for your products; aluminum always looks great year after year

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Display Fixtures: Standing Out

Present your product boldly throughout your floor space with Megawall's highly durable display fixtures

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MEGAWALL Engineered Beauty

Set your retail store apart from the competition by successfully displaying products with help from the experts at Megawall. As a premier manufacturer of high-quality slatwall display systems, Megawall delivers innovative products that not only help you keep track of inventory, but also add to the customer?s overall shopping experience. Whether you?re looking to spruce up your seasonal displays or redesign your entire store?s planogram in an effort to maximize sales, Megawall?s diverse selection of slatwall panels, shelves, brackets and custom fixtures offers plenty of options to upgrade your retail store?s presentation of product.


Megawall provides wall and floor displays as well as the materials and expertise you rely on


Concealed fasteners and interlocking sections create high-end look and performance


Megawall makes fixtures for major brands all over the country. We've seen a lot. Ask us anything.


Providing unwavering strength and dependability, our standard and custom steel slatwall systems support heavier accessories and are available in numerous sizes and finishes to suit your retail space.


If you?re continuously updating your assortment, seek out our aluminum slatwall systems, which offer a range of slat spacing options. Pick from multiple design choices and clean finishes to enhance the flexibility and versatility of your product displays.


Make the most out of your store?s floor space and layout with Megawall display fixtures. From H-Frame and L-Frame to Pinwheel and T-Frame displays, our diverse products come in different designs, sizes, materials and finishes to complement your store?s atmosphere.


Designed to be dropped into most standard gondolas, replace endcap pegboards and add additional space to gondola endcaps, NuPanels are modular sections that can be outfitted with most standard slatwall hardware. Retrofit NuPanels are available in full, top-section and floating-section panels, letting you customize each gondola display.


From plastic and designer fixtures to high-performance, medium-duty and heavy-duty shelving, Megawall manufactures a diverse array of specialty fixtures and shelving to suit the unique layout of your retail store.

High Quality & On Time Metal Fabrication

From single part prototyping to large scale production, we’re experienced, dependable and will deliver as promised - on-time. We strive to be dedicated and responsive to customers needs, offering complete metal fabrication resources under one roof.

Laser Cutting

Metal Forming & Welding

Machining & Assembly

Full Shipping/Packaging Capabilities

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At Megawall, we understand the challenges your retail store faces when it comes to seasonal selling, inventory and competition. That?s why we?ve designed high-quality retail store display systems to help increase conversion and improve the buyer experience. Our innovative products are used by major retailers throughout North America, positioning us as a premier manufacturer of slatwall systems and other retail fixtures. Contact us to receive a personalized quote, inquire about product samples or gain helpful insight from our experienced Megawall experts, and begin transforming your retail store today.

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